Statistics about the Unofficial Internet Booklist

I publish a free document called the Unofficial Internet Booklist. It is, as far as I know, the most extensive bibliography of books about the Internet. I just released a new edition of the booklist in order to procrastinate doing real work, so here are some statistics about this sickeningly huge bibliography.

Oh, by the way, the booklist is posted twice monthly- -on the 5th and 19th of each month- -to the Usenet newsgroups and misc.books.technical. You can receive it via anonymous FTP from

  1. Number of books in the list: 199
  2. Least expensive books: free- -Guide for Accessing California Legislative Info, tied with NetPages
  3. Most expensive book: $85- -Information Infrastructure Sourcebook
  4. Thickest book: 1700 pages- -Information Infrastructure Sourcebook
  5. Thinnest book: 10 pages- -The Internet at a Glance by Susan E. Feldman
  6. Total cost if you bought the lot of them: more than $5,000
  7. Total number of pages: 63,185

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