Five newsgroups on which to find love, or just talk about it

  1. alt.romance: One of the nicest things about any relationship, be it the beginning of a courtship or years into a more serious commitment, are the little things that you do for each other, the romance. If you're interested in chatting with people about what is considered romantic, talking about a particular romantic thing that you've done, or even just reading stories about what other couples have done to be romantic or have a romantic liaison, then this is the group.
  2. This group is one of the most controversial on the net, not surprisingly, and while the actual number of articles that discuss sex or sexuality is distressingly low, the group is still an interesting place to find the occasional horror story of a sexual rendezvous gone bad, read debates about what type of birth control is best, or even read some surprisingly revealing details about the sex lives of people on the net.
  3. soc.couples: Being in a short- or long-term relationship offers much in the way of joy, pleasure, and emotional satisfaction, but it also offers the chance for major arguments and other problems. This group is where you can talk about the relationship you're in with people who are also in relationships of their own.
  4. This group is a forum for all discussions even vaguely related to either being single or the quest for a relationship. Indeed, it has been likened to an electronic cocktail party, where people have known each other (electronically, usually) for years. There are also a number of people in relationships that share their thoughts, as well as a high level of aggression between some of the contributors.
  5. alt.personals: A forum for the exchange of newspaper-style personals ads. If you're a MWM looking for a SWF or a GBF ISO G?F or are any other combination of acronyms looking for someone with acronyms of their own, this might be the newsgroup for you.

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