Four interesting things archie found when searching for 'hedgehog'

Who knew there was so much good hedgehog-related material on the 'net? There's even more material if you do an archie search for "porcupine", but we leave that as an exercise for the reader.

    A JPEG photo of a baby hedgehog. Awww.


    A collection of picture pattern resources (for the Macintosh) featuring Sonic the Hedgehog.


    A message thread concerning a song about hedgehogs. Although most of it isn't appropriate for a family book, here's one of the cleaner stanzas: "When the hedgehog meets with a hedge-sow he likes / She lifts up her tail to wiggle it. / They carefully line up the both sets of spikes / Nor else there won't be no hedge-pig lets."


    A short but silly story from the Wall Street Journal about a company that was sued for making "hedgehog-flavored potato chips." The article also tells of St. Tiggywinkles, a hospital located in the English Midlands, exclusively for hedgehogs. "Hapless hedgehogs are sent from all over, mostly through British Rail's overnight parcel service, which has a special rate for shipping injured hedgehogs."

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