Ten Facts about the White House's online information services

The following information is culled from a White House press release from January 1994. Although it is a bit dated, it does show how the White House's online information services were utilized in the first six months since they went online on June 1, 1993.
  1. The Clinton administration was the first administration to accept e-mail from the public.
  2. The President's e-mail address is president@whitehouse.gov. The Vice President's is vice-president@whitehouse.gov.
  3. From June 1st through December 30th, 1993, the White House received more than 100,000 e-mail messages to the President and Vice President.
  4. President Clinton was the first sitting President to send e-mail to citizens- -his first e-mail message was sent to 5th graders in Oxford, Ohio.
  5. The Clinton administration was the first to establish an electronic self-service public document library (via publications@whitehouse.gov).
  6. In 1993 1,600 public documents were published electronically.
  7. More than 220,000 requests for information were processed electronically from September through December, 1993.
  8. The first live online computer conference by a sitting Vice President was done by VP Gore on January 13 1994. He took 10 questions in a 45 minute forum.
  9. In November 1993, the White House began posting audio files of the President's Saturday radio talks to the Internet.
  10. Americans Communicating Electronically, an all volunteer organization, was started in Spring 1993. ACE represents the National Information Infrastructure in action. It aims to provide government services electronically and enable interactive communications between government agencies and the public, especially those citizens without access to computers and modems.

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