Seven frequently asked questions lists that can help you stay healthy

  1. The Abdominal Training FAQ, featuring "tips and tricks for the washboard stomach crowd." It's available on and FTPable from:
  2. The AIDS FAQ- -a very thorough treatment of commonly asked AIDS questions answered by a panel of experts. Get it on or via FTP from*
  3. The vegetarian FAQ, a guide to vegetarian foods, including a good overview of nutritional concerns for vegetarians and vegans. It's posted regularly to rec.foods.veg and FTPable at
  4. The Powerlines & Cancer FAQ, which is all about powerlines and their possible link to cancer. It's posted to and available via FTP at*
  5. The FAQ, an overview of diabetes which answers some basic questions and dispels a few myths. You can find it on or using FTP at
  6. The rec.running FAQ answers a variety of questions of concern to runners, from how to avoid unfriendly dogs to what to do about tendonitis. It is posted to rec. running and available via FTP from*
  7. The Organ Transplantation FAQ. Just when you thought you'd seen it all, this FAQ answers common questions for both or those considering donating organs and those who are on the waiting list to receive one. It's posted to bit.listserv.transplant and available via FTP from:*

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