20 Things you will find on the Human Languages Home Page

The Human Languages Home Page is devoted to bringing together information about the languages of the world. There you'll find dictionaries, glossaries, and tutorials about common languages- -and perhaps a few that you've never heard of. To see it for yourself, carpe diem and point your Web browser to http://ww w.willamette.edu/~tjones/Language-Page.html.
  1. An audio tutorial on speaking Arabic.
  2. A collection of Bulgarian poetry.
  3. A collection of common Croatian phrases, the alphabet, numbers, and pronunciation.
  4. An Esperanto-to-English translation guide.
  5. Classic French literature.
  6. Information on the Gaelic language and culture.
  7. Archives of the Hebrew Users Group newsletter and mailing list.
  8. A link to an FTP site containing documents pertaining to the Indonesian language, including an English-to-Indonesian dictionary
  9. Today's edition of L'Unione Sarda, a daily Italian newspaper.
  10. The FAQ for sci.lang.japan: questions and answers about the Japanese Language.
  11. A study guide for those learning Latin.
  12. A link to the homepage for the Lojban language, including history, examples, and tutorials.
  13. A Norwegian dictionary.
  14. A collection of Romanian poetry.
  15. Project Runeberg: electronic texts in Scandinavian languages.
  16. An introduction to the Slovene alphabet.
  17. Online Spanish lessons.
  18. Electronic books in Turkish.
  19. A small Urdu dictionary.
  20. An introduction to the Welsh language.

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