20 fascinating facts from the Internet Index

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  1. Number of books in the Unofficial Internet Book List: 106. Average number of pages in the listed books: 335
  2. Number of Usenet "Frequently Asked Questions" postings: 1964
  3. Number of copies of Mosaic downloaded from NCSA, per day: 1600
  4. Highest rank achieved by "The Canadian Internet Handbook" on Canada's non-fiction paperback bestseller list: 1. Number of weeks it held that rank: 6
  5. Number of electronic mail messages received by the White House since last summer: 200,000. Number of prosecutions for sending threats to President Clinton by electronic mail: 1
  6. Percentage of Web survey respondents over 40 years of age: 10
  7. Percentage of registered commercial domains with addresses in California: 27
  8. Number of companies registered on the Internet in April, 1994: 14,726. Percentage located in U.S. area code 415 (San Francisco): 10
  9. Company with the most registered networks: Exxon. Number of networks registered by Exxon: 261
  10. Number of known Gopher servers in April, 1994: 6958
  11. Number of bytes on the NSFnet backbone in June, 1994: 15 trillion. Percentage increase from June, 1993: 114
  12. Number of bytes of World Wide Web traffic in June, 1994: 946 billion. Percentage increase from June, 1993: 2500
  13. Date the Internet was used to find medical information on "Northern Exposure": May 2, 1994
  14. Number of America Online subscribers in June, 1994: 900,000
  15. Number of ARPAnet hosts in June, 1969: 3. Number of Internet hosts in June, 1994: approximately 2.3 million
  16. Number of packets on the ARPAnet in June, 1972: approximately 800,000. Number of packets on the NSFnet backbone in June, 1994: 75 billion. Number of voice mail messages left in 1993: 12 billion
  17. Number of cities with real-time highway traffic photos available on the Internet: 1
  18. Number of accesses in one week to one of NASA's Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 servers: 340,000
  19. First public library to offer free access to the Internet: Seattle Public Library
  20. Number of annular solar eclipses broadcast on the MBone: 1

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