10 television and radio media you can reach via electronic mail

  1. Fox Television Network: foxnet@delphi.com
  2. C-SPAN coverage requests: cspanprogm@aol.com, C-SPAN live call-in questions: cspanguest@aol.com
  3. NBC Nightly News: nightly@nbc.com
  4. NBC Dateline: dateline@nbc.com
  5. WGN-TV: wgntv@aol.com
  6. WCBS-AM radio: news88@prodigy.com
  7. The Rush Limbaugh Show: 70277.2502@compuserve.com
  8. Voice of America: letters-usa@voa.gov
  9. National Public Radio Letterbox: letterbox@wshb.csms.com
  10. BBC World Service: iac@bbc-iabr.demon.co.uk

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