Ten delicious files from the alt.backrubs archive

What could be more enjoyable after a day slumped over the keyboard then a nice long massage? Here are ten files available from the alt.backrubs archive that will show you how to give- - and receive- -perfect massages. To access the archives, anonymous ftp to ftp.csd.uwo.ca and peruse the /pub/news/alt.backrubs directory. Get the file Archive.Abstracts.Z for a complete list of the files available there. While you're there, pick up the file faql.Z, the frequently asked questions list for alt.backrubs. (The extension .Z means that these files there are compressed with the UNIX compress command- -you'll need to be uncompress them before reading. If you use a UNIX system, just type uncompress filename.Z)

Of course, you can participate in the ongoing discussions on the Usenet group alt.backrubs. This newsgroup functions as a place for discussion of massage techniques and principles, and issues related to massage.

  1. advice.Z: General advice about giving backrubs, mostly for beginners.
  2. back.yoga.Z: Yoga exercises for strengthening the back.
  3. deep.back.Z: How to massage the large muscles beside the spine.
  4. facial.Z: Techniques for massaging the face.
  5. foot.mas.Z: How to massage feet.
  6. hand&neck.Z: Techniques for massaging hands and necks.
  7. head.aches.Z: The use of massage to relieve sinus and tension headaches.
  8. knots.Z: How to relieve muscle knots.
  9. scalp.mas.Z: How to give a scalp massage.
  10. shoulders.Z: How to massage shoulders and rest of upper body.
from the file foot.mas.Z
I've found that giving a nice foot massage is very easy.  Since the
foot works s o hard during the day, and has a lot of tension on it,
almost any flexing and rubbing feels great. However, I use a
combination of the following motions on my SO, with her foot in my
lap where I can look into her eyes and watch her smile:

1)  Holding each toe between thumb and forefinger and gently rolling.

2)  Kneading the ball, arch, and heel with my thumbs.  Running my
knuckles along  the arch also works well and reduces strain on the

3)  Gently taking each pair of adjacent toes and flexing one side up
and the other side down, not spreading them apart, and then

4)  Grasping the ball of the foot and twisting gently in each

5)  Holding the heel in one hand and pulling down on the top of the
foot to stre tch the shin muscles.

6)  Holding the heel in one hand and pushing up on the ball to stretch
the gastrocnemius (calf muscle) and Achilles tendon.

These maneuvers can be done with or without lubrication but if your SO
has dry feet, she will appreciate some lotion to soften them. Good luck.

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