20 most-often-used hostnames for Internet-connected computers

Every computer on the Internet needs to have a name. Each networked computer- - or "host" - - has a one, no matter if its a Macintosh or a PC or a Vax a UNIX box. However, host names do not need to be unique from network to network: I use a computer with the host name of "sequoia", and so might you, even though they're on totally different networks. A site's network administrator can name the computers whatever he or she wants, but as you might expect, some names are used more frequently than others. Below is a list of the most often used host names on the Internet.

When a corporation or school owns uses many computers, it's quite common to give them theme names - - for instance, names of celestial bodies, fictional characters or scientists. Indeed, as you peruse this list, you'll notice certain popular themes - - the names of gods, dwarves, mathematicians, and planets as well as dull numerical names like "mac2" and "pc4". (To be continued...)

  1. ns
  2. venus
  3. pc1
  4. pluto
  5. mars
  6. zeus
  7. jupiter
  8. pc2
  9. saturn
  10. mac1
  11. mercury
  12. cisco
  13. iris
  14. pc3
  15. ftp
  16. router
  17. orion
  18. gw
  19. mac2
  20. pc4

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