Five exceedingly weird frequently asked questions lists

  1. The ASCII art FAQ: Explaining where to FTP art, GIF-to-ASCII converters, and how to make ASCII big letters. (Posted weekly to alt.ascii-art and
  2. alt.devilbunnies FAQ: The Frequently Asked Questions list for the "dedicated to stopping a quiet and hostile takeover of the Earth by the incredibly powerful, unimaginable evil, disgustingly cute DevilBunnies. As Bunnyhunters, we are the only thing that stands between a disbelieving human race and horrible, inescapable fluffy doom." Not for the faint of heart. Posted monthly to alt.devilbunnies.
  3. The "Welcome to talk.bizarre!" Usenet group introduction: This is the most...well, bizarre (and short, and vile) FAQ you're likely to read. (Posted to talk.bizarre, where else?)
  4. The alt.angst FAQ: The companion FAQ to the newsgroup alt.angst (which does not tolerate cheeriness in any form) stating that "True angst arises from the notion that life is essentially pointless and absurd, and that our miserable existences count for very little in the grand scheme of things." Includes a helpful list of "Cures for Common Angst: Home Remedies and Elixirs" (listing everything from "Booze" to "God" to "Waiting Patiently To Grow Out Of It.")
  5. alt.tasteless FAQ: I've changed my mind about item three: the alt.tasteless FAQ is the most vile FAQ you're likely to read. It's not for the faint of heart, but it is indeed exceedingly weird. It's posted to alt.tasteless.

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