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rec.arts.startrek.tech #19275
Subject: Re: Manuvering
Followup-To: rec.arts.startrek.tech
Date: Tue Jun 21 19:09:32 PDT 1994
> Why is it that the enterprise banks on Turns?
> The EP will be at a dead stop: it will begin
> to move forward, then slide off towards the
> intended direction. Why not just spin about
> to that direction and then go?
'Cuz the helmsman learned to fly airplanes before he learned to fly
spaceships!   ;-)

Seriously, though, one possibility is that the positioning and/or
design of the  thrusters, impulse engines, etc. make it more efficient
or faster to turn that way.  Or maybe banking helps them to build up
momentum somehow, so they're travel ling faster when they've finished
the turn.  (These aren't very convincing arguments, though, without
some scientific data to back them up.)

Of course, I suspect that it's for the same reason the Enterprise goes
"whoosh!"  in the vacuum of space: intellectually we know know that it
wouldn't work that  way in space, but psychologically we're used to
hearing a "whoosh" when a jet flies past and seeing aircraft bank
when making a turn.

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