The best and worst connected United States

So, do you think your home state is well-connected to the net? You might be surprised to find out which states rank as best and worst connected. There are an average of 369 networks in each of America's 50 states (plus Washington, D.C.). Of the United States' 18,829 connected networks...
  1. The state with the most Internet subnetworks is California, weighing in with 3,790.
  2. New York comes a distant second, with 1,250 networks.
  3. Virginia is third, with 1,208.
  4. Washington, D.C has 344 connected networks, just below average.
  5. The state with the fewest subnetworks is North Dakota, with 5.
  6. Alaska is second, with 7.
  7. Delaware is third, with 13.

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