5 offbeat albeit highly entertaining and potentially useful frequently asked questions lists

  1. The LEGO FAQ: A fine FAQ for the true LEGO building block enthusiast, covering LEGO information you could barely live without, like LegoLand theme parks, how to wash LEGO pieces, and the history of LEGO. (Posted regularly to rec.toys.lego.)
  2. The alt.drugs.caffeine FAQ: A must-read for caffeine addicts. Answers essential questions like "Is it true that espresso has less caffeine than regular coffee?" and "Where can I find a GIF image of the caffeine molecule?" (Posted once in a while to alt.drugs.caffeine, alt.coffee, and alt.food.coffee)
  3. The rec.roller-coaster FAQ: Although this FAQ has its ups and downs :-) it gives the scoop about coasters' past and future, jargon, and other coaster info. (Posted monthly to rec.roller-coaster)
  4. The alt.history.what-if FAQ: Frequently asked questions and answers for alt.history.what-if, a newsgroup which debates such questions as What if the South won the Civil War? and What if there were no Internet? (Posted bi-weekly to alt.histo ry.what-if)
  5. The alt.games.tiddlywinks FAQ: This list provides brief answers to some of the more frequently asked questions about tiddlywinks, answering the question "Is tiddlywinks a serious game?" and outlining the games rules. (Posted monthly to alt. games.tiddlywinks.)

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