Fifteen frequently used acronyms (and their definitions)

  1. BCNU: be seeing you
  2. BTW: by the way
  3. CFV: call for votes
  4. DYJHIW: don't you just hate it when...
  5. F2F: face-to-face
  6. FAQ: frequently asked question or frequently asked questions list
  7. FUBAR: fouled up beyond all recognition
  8. IMHO: in my humble opinion
  9. MOTAS: member of the appropriate sex
  10. MOTOS: member of the opposite sex
  11. RFD: request for discussion
  12. ROTFL: rolling on the floor laughing
  13. RSN: real soon now
  14. RTFM: read the fine manual (except the F doesn't really stand for "fine".)
  15. YKYBHTLW: you know you've been hacking too long when...

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