Ten Usenet newsgroups to sell your old stuff

  1. misc.forsale: Peruse this group and you'll quickly find people buying and selling just about everything you can imagine. Quilts, old magazine collections, World Cup tickets, fax machines, tires, airline tickets, furniture- - you name it, someone's probably trying to sell one.
  2. misc.forsale.computers.pc-clone: the place to buy and IBM computers and clones. Here I've found ads for everything from original IBM-PCs (at about $50 or so) all the way to screaming-fast Pentium computers for $5000. Here you'll also find a plethora of peripherals, controllers, and other gadgetry.
  3. rec.arts.comics.marketplace: This newsgroup is home to hundreds of ads for comic books, trading cards, and graphic novels. (The names of these products alone can be quite an education for the uninitiated.)
  4. rec.arts.sf.marketplace: This is home base for serious sci-fi collectors. Goodies for sale here include Star Wars posters, Star Trek figurines, autographs, books, and some stranger-than-life collectibles. (For instance, I found a message from a guy selling a rare advertisement featuring Mr. Spock pitching Heineken beer. Apparently it was never published.)
  5. rec.games.frp.marketplace: for fantasy role-playing paraphernalia, such as Dungeons and Dragons books and games.
  6. rec.music.marketplace: If it makes music, it's here- -you can buy and sell concert tickets, compact discs and tapes, instruments, MIDI sequencers, or even music on vinyl, if you should be so backward.
  7. rec.bicycles.marketplace: A place to howk bikes, frames, parts, components, saddles, gears, racks, wheels, and so on.
  8. rec.travel.marketplace: Here you can sell your unneeded airline tickets, hotel rooms, flight upgrades, and other goods and services related to travel. You can also find some very good deals on the same.
  9. rec.games.video.marketplace: If you've finished Legend of Zelda for the 50th time, sell or trade it (and the rest of your tired video games) here. Messages in this newsgroup cover today's biggies like Nintendo, Genesis, Game Boy, Lynx, and 3DO as well as long-forgotten classics like Vectrex, Atari 2600, and Fairchild game systems.
  10. rec.autos.marketplace: I didn't think there was much to say about this group until I took a good look inside. Along with the expected ads for late-model used Toyotas, Fords, and Chevys, I found such oddities as tanks, ambulances, and very old collectors' automobiles. If I ever want to buy an ambulance, I'll know where to go.
rec.autos.marketplace #3373
Subject: >>> Spider Convertible: $3200 <<<
Date: Wed Jun 22 10:20:00 PDT 1994
X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.1 PL8.9]
1980 Fiat Spider Convertible:  $3200.00
Here's your chance to own an Italian sports car...
 o  Silver/Red interior
 o  57k Original Miles!
 o  New Top
 o  5-Speed
 o  2.0 L fuel injected dual-overhead cam engine
 o  Pinafarina Body

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