Ten Internet resources for sports nuts

So today's big game has been rained out, your basketball has deflated and you can't even watch water polo on ESPN because you didn't pay the cable bill. What to do? Naturally, you can turn to the Internet for help. Here's a sample of 13 things sports fans can try online.
  1. For a list of today's games: finger copi@oddjob.uchicago.edu
  2. National Basketball Association schedules: telnet culine.colorado.edu 859
  3. National Hockey League schedules: telnet culine.colorado.edu 860
  4. Major League Baseball schedules: telnet culine.colorado.edu 862
  5. Major League Baseball scores and season standings: finger jtchern@headcrash.berkeley.edu
  6. Usenet's alt.sports.everything (from alt.sports.darts to alt.sports.baseball.la-dodgers)
  7. Cycling Gopher: The Global Cycling Network is an electronic information desk for cyclists. gopher cycling.org
  8. The Running Page: featuring info on races, marathons, training, running magazines and running clubs. http://sunsite.unc.edu/drears/running/running.html
  9. Unicycling Web page. Learn all you want to know about unicycling including how to ride, how to ride better, and where to buy one. You can even watch unicycling, if you need to get motivated. http://www.mcs.kent.edu/~bkonarsk
  10. The Hang Gliding Mosaic Picture Server is a WWW server full of hang gliding- and paragliding-related material, including a large collection of photos, movies, the hang gliding FAQ, archived issues of the hang gliding mailing list digest, programs related to gliding, links to other aviation servers, and more. http://cougar.stanford.edu:7878/HGMPSHomePage.html

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