Savetz's Unofficial Internet Public Domain Index

by Kevin Savetz
updated 15 December 1996

This is an obsolete index of public domain (PD) resources on the Internet. I am no longer maintaining this list due to time constraints.

This index contains pointers to works that are in the public domain. Public domain doesn't mean "shareware." It isn't a work that is owned by somebody else, who allows you to use it for free. It isn't software distributed under the "GNU Public License," or a copyrighted book that the author has put online. Public domain means that the creator of the work, with no strings attached, has given up all rights to the work. It means that you may do anything with the work that you want - read it, publish it, put it on CD-ROM, change it.

Public domain doesn't mean a work is owned by no one; it means it is owned by everyone.


Technical Works

Sofware & source code

Art & Images

Government Works

Works produced by the U.S. Federal government are not copyrighted. See here for details and here for more details. Thus, most of the U.S. government information on the Internet is PD, even entire Web sites, including...


Related Links

Most of these resources are not in the public domain

Other copyright/intellectual property resources

Most of these resources are not in the public domain

I have placed this page in the public domain.

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