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s a y _ i t _ w i t h _ m a g n e t s

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Other recent messages left on the fridge:

Maluquice Safado is ALWAYS here.
beach fever
Barf, Overdose, Retch, Gag
Bottle, Open, Riot, Go!
Nurgus Martin is still here.
Legg Ujufilsa was here.
Dung Lung

Belch Out Rotten Gas
Beau Grogan is him
Beau Grogan is him
Th-Th-Th-That's all for now folks
Can you canoe?
we could do haiku here
Who Killed Jon Benet?
Spaz Out Man
Body Overwhelmed Rum Gin
Free the hostages
BORG = Bend Over Ralph Gag
Liquid Lunch, 40 oz to Freedom
Xesiv Frijibberish
Vou r pond cheek pang
Dorrill Caxet was here.
Vou r pond cheek pang
Vou r pond cheek pang
Sanko Sanko Sanko
Gerrald Wessels
SankĊ Sakusen
What's Sergeant Shriver's first name?
What's YOUR name ?
A N G U S ! ! ! !
What is McJagger's first name?

This jumble of letters are plastic refrigerator magnets. As a child, you may have had a set of these stuck on (and under) your fridge. These colored, plastic alphabet magnets were a part of my childhood, and now they can be a part of yours. The messages above were left by others who've been in my kitchen. Type in a short message to rearrange the magnets yourself.

A note to parents: the fridge is an uncensored forum where anyone can leave short, anonymous messages. Although most people enjoy the fridge in the spirit of good clean fun, some folks do write things that are inappropriate for children.

Send me comments, suggestions and bug reports.

The fridge was plugged in on 9-9-95.

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