Foam bath fish time:
1 7 : 4 2 GMT

The fishies understand time zones!

Fish for the time in California
Fish for the time in Wyoming
Fish for the time in Kansas
Fish for the time in New York
Fish for Greenwich Mean Time

To get the time in your zone: or +X hours from Greenwich Mean Time

These are my foam bath toys.

They magically arrange themselves to tell you the time.

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Comments about the fishies

How do you get the fish to tell time? (Probably are in a school). Tom -

My cod!!!... you are just breaming with talent! Mark Cote -

I was confused as to why you created such a page, until I realized that it was for the halibut. John W. Keating -

I floundered all night on the net, as a lover of music, in search of a WAV with a good bass line. I knew not when the sun pearched on the horizion. I asked a friend, but he was a snapper. I clicked on a hypertext link, but got only crappie. Then I found the "Foam Bath Fish Time." I was hooked. My interest since has a-baited, but I know without a trout where to turn when I need the thyme. John Watts -

Gee, I always wondered about fish, and their ability to tell the time. I am no longer afraid of death. Nanok Bie -

I think that your foam fish bath is lox of fun. especially for the hard of herring. Steve Savetz -

I saw your fish and eeled over. I had to put my favorite tuna on, which is, of course, "Salmon chanted evening". Steve Whitaker -

I had a whale of a time, but what's the porpoise? Casey Jordan -

Fantastic formations of fine foamy finned fish frequently fed fortunate fish family friends from far flung frontiers for free foolproof fun, finally! Wade Van Buskirk -

Any sardinic comments aside, your page, happened upon by a veritable fluke of chance, has caused ripples of amusement among the small fry of my school colleagues. Studying literature, we frequently pull up tall stories, but tales of herring-do, Wow! Phil White - ENG3PJW@ARTS-01.NOVELL.LEEDS.AC.UK

No one knows the turbot I've seen. John Mangold -

It takes a real manta admit he plays with foam bath-fish. S.M. Koppelman -

After staring at the fish, I now have a terrible haddock and am getting rather hard of herring. Please advise. Phil J Barrett - Phil - Maybe you have salmonella or a case of the clams. Go see a sturgeon.

For your next project, might I suggest a musical clock, so we can all learn how to tuna fish by raising and lowering the scales... Bob Lee -

I'm just trying to mussle in on your comments page...People are just clammering to see your page -- it's got sole. I'm hooked. Ilana Kotin -

We're just some little shrimps in a little school but we think your fish page is way way cool. Cindy Shaffer, Second grade Cindy: Thanks for the note, and for the rhyme, I'm glad you liked Foam Bath Fish Time.

Your fishie site is amazing. In fact, it's a small mackerel. Gail Hartman -

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