Practical UNIX & Internet Security, 2nd Edition

Author: Simson Garfinkel & Gene Spafford
Publisher: O'Reilly & Associates
ISBN: 1-56592-148-8
Price: $39.95
Pages: 1004
Published: April 1996
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Notes: When "Practical UNIX Security" was first published in 1991, it became an instant classic. Crammed with information about host security, it saved a legion of UNIX system administrators and users from disaster. With the Internet's explosive growth in the past five years, UNIX security has become both more important and more complex, for the Internet is built on UNIX systems. To help system administrators and users meet the ever-growing challenges of UNIX security, O'Reilly & Associates has released a second edition of "Practical UNIX & Internet Security." As the expanded title indicates, this new edition is a complete rewrite of the original book. It's packed with twice the pages and covers the features of most "flavors" of UNIX, including SunOS, Solaris, BSDI, AIX, HP-UX, Digital UNIX, Linux, and others. "Practical UNIX & Internet Security" thoroughly describes, in readable and entertaining language, the issues, approaches, and methods for implementing security. It describes how to set up basic security policies and procedures to protect a UNIX system, network, and Internet connection from unauthorized users. The book explains in detail the ways that intruders can get into a system, as well as how to detect them, clean up after them, and even prosecute them if they do get in. It's complete--covering both host and network security--and doesn't require that the reader be a programmer or a UNIX guru to use it.

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