Practical JavaScript Programming

Author: Reaz Hoque
Publisher: M&T Books (a Henry and Holt Company)
ISBN: 1-55851-513-5
Price: 29.95
Pages: 496
Goodies: CD
Published: Feb, 1997
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Notes: The author takes the readers from the traditional programming book to a new dimension by explaining the history and the syntax in the least time. Then he shows how to create practical applications so that the readers know what actually JavaScript can do. Even Java programmers can benefit from this book by reading about LiveConnect which uses JavaScript as the mediator of Java and plug-ins. One of the strongest part of the book is that it explains how to connect to databases using server-side JavaScript and LiveWire. Examples on how to use JS with other technologies such as ActiveX, VRML and CGI are also presented in this book. No other book on the market is as extensive and focused as this book!

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