PC Internet Tour Guide

Author: Michael Fraase
Publisher: Ventana Press
ISBN: 1-56604-084-1
Price: $24.95
Pages: 284
Goodies: PC floppy disk with useful software. Two periodic updates via e-mail. One month of free online time from MRNet.
Published: 1994
For more information: dilennox@aol.com
Notes: This book (with floppy disk) for MS-DOS users helps newcomers get online and take their first steps on the 'net. Fraase first wrote the Mac Internet Tour Guide, and this book seems more like an afterthought than a follow-up. Chapters cover obligatory topics like What is the Internet, Getting Connected, Network News, Transferring Files, Using Gopher and Other Internet Resources. The book's organization leaves something to be desired: talk of telnet, FAQs and Netfind (hardly unimportant topics) are lumped together in the "Other Resources" chapter near the back of the book. The book includes some interesting real-life examples and ideas for things to do online, but too much (for my taste) focuses on how to set up and use the bundled software.

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