How The Internet Works

Author: Joshua Eddings
Publisher: Ziff-Davis Press
ISBN: 1-56276-192-7
Price: $US 24.95, $CAN 34.95, UK 22.99
Pages: 218
Published: 1994
For more information: 800/688-0448
Thanks for the info: Dick Lee <>
Notes: Very good primer on the Internet and how it works. There are many rich illustrations which serve to explain the concepts very effectively. Contents include the protocols, telnet, downloading files, archie, e-mail, mailing lists, Usenet, gophers, WAIS, WWW as well as a look into audio/video, virtual reality, security issues and the future. Of necessity, many of these are treated very briefly but as an overall introductory manual, I found it very readable and informative.

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