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I found a couple of classic commercials for Band-Aid products in the Prelinger Archives:

This trippy commerical uses stop-motion, but isn't as effective as it might be - because they're trying to show off color bandages in a black-and-white commercial.

Kids playing at playground girl on a swing
(Kids playing at a playground) Hurt finger. Oooooooh.
girl on a swing boy on a pogo stick
Band-Aid plastic bandage! In colors! Aaaaaah! Hurt elbow. Oooooooh.
boy on a pogo stick girl jumping rope
Band-Aid bandage! It's blue! Aaaaaah! Hurt ankle! Oooooooh.
girl jumping rope boy roller-skating
Band-Aid bandage! It's yellow! Aaaaaah! Hurt knee! Oooooooh.
boy roller-skating Band-Aid Stars 'n Strips box
Band-Aid bandage! It's red! Aaaaaah! Band Aid Stars 'n Strips.
Band-Aid Stars 'n Strips Band-Aid Strips and Spots Charmers box
Ooooooh! Band-Aid Strips and Spots Charmers.
Band-Aid Strips 'n Spors Charmers
New! Get some! Aaaaaaah!

You can view the complete commercial here.

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