Goin' to the Movies

First Published: NetAnswers Internet Extra newsletter
Date Published: 1998
Copyright © 1998 by Kevin Savetz

The summer movies are upon us. Some are worth your time and money, others aren't even worth wasting a box of Milk Duds on. These Internet sites will help you find out about the movies and videos that interest you.

-.-.- MovieCritic -.-.-

Trying to pick a movie, for me, is a recipe for angst second only to choosing a greeting card. Whether I'm in the video store or the local Hallmark, the sheer volume of choices overwhelms me: rows and rows of selections that may or may not fit the bill.

MovieCritic (http://www.moviecritic.com) is a fantabulous site that recommends movies that you're likely to enjoy. It doesn't rely on anything so pedestrian as canned reviews. MovieCritic works by asking your opinion about movies you've seen, then recommends other movies based on your personal tastes. You rate a number of films on a scale from "loved it" to "hated it" then sit back as the site picks other films that you're likely to enjoy. The weird part is, it's usually right on the mark. You can have it recommend movies that are in theaters or, if you prefer an evening at home, on video.

Better, if your moviegoing partner rates his or her favorites, too, MovieCritic will create a list of films that you'll both enjoy (hopefully). If you're a masochist or just like to occasionally revel in a really bad flick, you can ask MovieCritic to serve up your personal "Worst Bets." (It looks like my hellish moviegoing day will include Free Willy 3 and Monkey Trouble.)

-.-.- Internet Movie Database -.-.-

Another essential site for movie buffs is the Internet Movie Database. It is simply the Internet's ultimate resource on movies. You can use it to get information about your favorite movies and actors, or get a summary of that movie you're just not sure is worth your hard-earned $8.

When you find a movie you're interested in by browsing or searching, it will serve up plot summaries, character names, trivia, reviews and more details. What else? How about release dates, goof-ups, technical data, production companies, distributors, alternative versions, box office grosses... and other info about more than 150,000 movies

You can get a list of all the films that your favorite actor has appeared in, read reviews of new videos, and see a listing of the 250 top-rated movies. The site also includes detailed filmographies for actors, directors and other professionals -- a half million people, from editors to costume designers, are indexed in the filmographies. You can get a the latest movie news, see a complete history of Oscar winners from 1927 to present... and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

It's hard not to gush about the IMDB. Just check it out -- http://www.imdb.com/.

-.-.- More Attractions -.-.-

This site is a bit different than the others, it's a sort of Web 'zine that's a bit of People Magazine, a dose of Entertainment Tonight and a dollop of Premiere. eDrive will quench your thirst for movie news and gossip. Focusing on both film and television, eDrive (http://www.edrive.com) includes articles about new releases, daily entertainment news, interviews with actors, and chat rooms where you can gab about your favorite shows.

If you want to talk about movies, the rec.arts.movies newsgroups are the place to do it. Folks ask and answer a lot of questions about movies in those newsgroups -- the rec.arts.movies FAQs (frequently asked questions and answers lists) address some of the most common queries. Have you ever wondered what a so-called "director's cut" is, or how someone gets nominated for an Academy award? The rec.arts.movies.current-films FAQ knows all. It's rather long but quite interesting: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/4824/filmcurr.htm.


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Internet Movie Database: http://www.imdb.com

eDrive: http://www.edrive.com

rec.arts.movies.current-films FAQ: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/4824/filmcurr.htm

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